Auto PM on Facebook like in the goold old times?

Hello is it possible to send hundreds of targeted PM’s automatically with Jarvee?
How many Facebook accounts would I need and how many PM’s per day and account?

I remember back in 2014 that I manually send hundreds of Facebook messages to potencial buyers and made money. So I am asking, how would I set up Jarvee/Facebook to do that job for me without getting banned? 2Captcha might work for Facebook also right. But I don’t want these crazy blocks again.

I don’t think it’s still possible to hundreds messages per day. FB is getting more restrictive. They don’t ask us to solve captcha but lock our accounts when they find suspicious activity. 20 messages per day per day is the recommended settings. So, if you want to send 100 DMs per day, you should have 5 FB accounts.

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Which FB accounts do you recommend for buying? Also, are my private proxies from proxy6 enough (I use them for 100 twitter accounts on Jarvee).

I would share my website link into the PM also, is this a higher risk?

Yeah, I agree with ossi. All social platforms, including FB as well are working on tightening things up. I wouldn’t go over 15-20 DMs per day. The same limits as for IG.

you can use Jarvee to dm users yes, but hundreds of dm are not possible anymore FB has become very restrictive, keep your message under 15 for safety and you can use as many accounts as you want to reach your goals.

This lock is a nightmare I lost lots of accounts where in some I am not getting code on Gmail and some are stuck with smspva one-time phone numbers and some just stuck on learn more and not moving and a lot of them disabled after doing the process. I have also unlocked a lot of accounts and some accounts multiple times.

Where are you buying your FB accounts from? any good source to buy 1 year aged pva?