Auto Posting Videos to IG

Has anyone had any trouble lately with posting videos from automation software and keeping accounts up?

What are your solutions for posting and scheduling Videos to IG from PC?

Bluestacks is running slow for me on VPS so in the process of figuring out a solution, also considering a phone farm and remote accessing from PC via Team Viewer.

So far, Apphi is the best thing i’ve found for free tools which can post videos (also can post to IG story)

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Have you tried using/posting with Jarvee?

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going to test jarvee next, heard some negative stuff recently about Jarvee accounts getting disabled although i think it may have been due to that user having low quality proxies or low quality purchased accounts and nothing to do with jarvee leaking the main IP of the host system

do you know if on IG’s end Jarvee will appear as if a mobile device is posting the video?