Auto Repost tool for Instagram

is there a free auto repost tool for instagram out there.

I just need something that will automatically post content on my profile based on hashtags etc to fill in the gaps when we don’t have content.


With Jarvee you can do all of that.
You can even filter by performance.


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Don’t go for free tools when it comes to this. As @roy said, there’s Jarvee and for like $1 per day you can repost on 10 accounts, as many posts as you want.

Aside from repost, there’s a bunch of other tools that you can use to grow your account.


I’ve tried a few from the app store, they got me banned, so don’t go cheap!
As the other commenters said, look into JARVEE, or hire an account manager to do it for you. JARVEE gives you full customisation so you can randomise how the posting is going to happen. If IG sees a robotic pattern, IG issues a block!

There’s no better tool out there than Jarvee. There may be some posts that are not relevant at all with the hashtags. In Jarvee you can use filters and opt to send the extracted posts to Campaign Drafts first. From there you can choose which posts you’d like to publish to your account.

I have been using Jarvee for a long time now and i can recommend it to you without hesitation