Auto respond to DM's?

I recently experienced with auto DM replies with TwitterDub.

Later on some of my accounts got banned so I stopped using it. Although, this could also be my really shitty proxies, or my very high settings.

Now that I’m re-organizing everything, I’d like to give it another go (I have good proxies, and lower f/uf settings now).

Anyone else doing it without issues?

I’m doing this on Jarvee without issues. Of course, you have to have good proxies in order for your accounts to work smoothly :slight_smile:

same here, working with Jarvee, good proxies, low settings and a good spin syntax

Jarvee is doing miracles for me as well :smiley: :smiley: I am running two accounts per proxy and using strong spin syntax when sending messages and it’s working without problems.

How many Dm’s are you sending per hour? And DC proxies?

DC proxies are working fine on Twitter accounts. I was able to send 20 DMs in an hour, but it’s most likely not safe in the long run, so I lowered the settings to 4 DMs per hour (my current settings).

What limits do you use on the rest of the tools? @ossi

5-7 DM’s per hour, looking for some kind of safe, stable settings and yes I use DC proxies they are working properly.

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Do you guys DM just the new followers or you send DMs to anyone?

that’s depend on what you want to achieve by your DM’s, I personally don’t care if there are new followers or not, i target a specific set of users.

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