Auto sync not working on Jarvee

Has anyone else been having this issue? Under social profiles, the number of followings and followers for my accounts hasn’t updated in many days. Below are the synchronization settings for the accounts:

Even when I try manually syncing, it doesn’t update.

Syncing works fine here.

Are you using scrapers with tagnames? Perhaps you have a problem with this setting?

I don’t have that setting enabled. I enabled it, put my scraper tag in there and tried to sync again, but still no results :thinking: i’ll probably end up contacting their support. Thanks for the help tho

Manual sync doesn’t work because you have “Sync number of followers right before midnight” checked. It will work once you uncheck it.


Yes, this was my issue once, and then I found out it’s because that option :slight_smile: This should fix your issue.

Oh wow, you’re right lol. Thanks!