AutoFollow JV - Error 581

Hi all,
Can someone explain me what is “error 581”?
I face this more since few days. Do you also face this issue more often?
I saw this as fixed in the last JV fix notification. But I don’t really know what’s the root cause of it.

did you make sure that your proxies are valid? because that error is mainly caused when you have proxy issues.

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ok thanks
I have verified proxies. Seems ok.
I have reduced settings to see if it solves it

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if you still see the same error and your proxies are valid and working fine try to check with the support they will help you.


Hi @Rikko75 I’m facing same issue.
Did you resolve it?


if you’re using a proxy, re-verify the proxy with and see what status it will show. if the proxy works fine, lower the number of follows you do per operation, open the EB, then restart the follow tool. See if it works after you lower your settings.

The issue is most probably related to a bad proxy issue. Try out the ossi solution, I think that should do it.

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I confirm the issue is related to the proxy.
Lower the settings to do a proper warm up then this will disappear

Ok thanks I will try out.
any good source for 4g proxies?