Autoliker without having a laptop/computer?

Is there still any working autoliker that doesn’t require you to have a laptop/computer?
My friend’s laptop broke so she needs a temporary online auto liker.
She does have an Ipad and Iphone. Any recommendation is very much appreciated!

Hello, Isabelle.

You can easily access a VPS securely from a trusted local internet cafe.

This should allow you to run any application with ease.

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You don’t any internet cafe to run a VPS!!! Do you know what you are talking about?? if @Isabelle needs to run a windows application in a remote server she can manage it from the ipad/iphone she mentioned.

Nowhere did I say that it was necessary to have an internet cafe to run a VPS in her situation, nor did I say that she couldn’t run it on her existing devices. Please don’t put words in my mouth.

Just read what you wrote!!! if you are not recommending it your comment doesn’t make sense!!!
You don’t run a VPS from anywhere!!! the VPS is running in a server farm.
Please don’t confuse ppl.

Joe, I’m suggesting that she accesses a VPS from an internet cafe, not that the VPS server is in the internet cafe… I don’t know why you’re being so passive aggressive.

Use the correct terms not to confuse ppl. run is not equal to access. Cheers.

Check out Contabo :wink:

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