Automatically Export Followed users to the Like tool

Is this possible somehow?

I just want to ensure best engagement by following and liking a users content in a small time frame


You will find it in tools tab- Follow- Settings- After follow Actions.
Like users latest post

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yes, thanks but I actually think this can bring block.

I think it could be better to follow user and then like their posts 12 hours later for example.

I think it will be blocked if you use the account for Like exchange or you run the Like tool as well.

You can use a scraper account to scrape users and send them to both follow tool and like tool of your main account.

both tool will have same extracted users as sources.

In the sources tab of your main account, you can check pick users in order, then run the tool 12 hours after you start the follow tool. I guess this will work well only if your tools don’t get blocked.