Automatically reposting other Facebook pages content



Been searching through the forum but haven’t found any guides on this.

Is there a way to set up MP to automatically repost/share content from other pages to my own page?

Or do I have to import links manually?



Yes, you can use the Share Post option in Campaigns. Just add the FB page URL where you want to extract posts from that you’d publish on your page.


Ok thanks!

And how often will it extract new posts? Also, is there a setting that prevents duplicate posts?


Mass Planner won’t extract same post twice, no need to worry about that.

Regarding extracting, you can set it to extract as often as you want, there’s an option for that in Share post tab. Default is 240 minutes.


Thanks, you guys are awesome!


I get that a lot lately… :smiley: Seriosuly, thanks :slight_smile:


I’m running into problems here.

I add this address in “share post” tab:
Cause I want MP to repost from their feed. I scheduled 3 times per day but it’s only reposting the top post. So basically 3 duplicates now. What am I doing wrong here?


Use this:


I’ll try that! Thanks

Also, is there a way to share posts from a rss feed?


Is this still possible


Yes, it is possible