Automating acc on home IP

Hi, I am about to automate 2 accounts on home IP, is that safe or should I buy proxy for one of them? :slight_smile:
Thanks for advice

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It’s safe, don’t worry. But respect the action limits.

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Perfect, thanks! :slight_smile:

2 accs per 1 home ip is ok so don’t worry :wink:


Get a proxy for both accounts

  • if the accounts are new
  • if you have never automated either of them before
  • if you have never automated on your home IP before
  • if you have more accounts on your home IP (including other people in the household)
  • if you’re running a VPN
  • if you plan on doing a large amount of activity on both accounts

Get a proxy for one of the accounts

  • if your home IP is aged and trusted on Instagram
  • if nobody else is using the home IP on Instagram
  • if one account is older / better trusted (put the less trusted account on the proxy)

Use no proxies

  • if you want to risk ruining the trust rating of your home IP on Instagram

What’s your experience on households or home ips with multiple real Instagram users? Would there need to be a proxy involved in any extra accounts? Or would IG think “ another member of household”?

If you’re just using the accounts like a normal human being then it really makes no difference. If you’re automating an account, even the most basic automation software sites recommend using one private IP per account.

In my experience, one proxy per account results in the least headaches.

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2 accounts on your home IP should be safe. Will you be running it from your PC?

I am running 3 main accounts from my home IP and it works well. No blocks, no VP, VM.

Same here. Everything working fine. For new accounts we use 4G internet from a USB stick since we have many computers so actually we do 4accs per computer/4G IP

You can definitely get blocked on home IP as well. I have gotten type 1-3 blocks (see Different levels of block) on my main account (4 years old) running on my home machine. Haven’t hit type 4 block with main account at home yet, probably because I’m being more careful with my main and I’m only automating one account at home (rest of my child accounts are on VMs in DC). When running only one instance per machine/IP, I actually don’t notice that much difference in frequency of blocking at home vs DC.

First answer says all there is about it in my opinion.

Using my home IP

I automated it at home with 2 accounts, but I saw somewhere when you add 4 or more accounts you need proxies.

300 likes? Maybe I should increase my likes to same amount as yours :joy:

What settings you using man?

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Yes. I’ve had 7-8 accounts on my home IP for over a year. They were running 1000 follows per day until these action blocks happened.

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Idk it works for me, but tool off when I turn off my laptop

So how much follows do you do per day? How is this even possible? :smile: