Automating image creation?

Hi guys,

I’m looking for ways to automate image creation for Instagram. We’re managing a podcast account and would like to automate the images there. The images don’t need to be fancy, they would “just” need to have certain text elements changed according to stuff, pulled out of the podcast feed.

Does anyone know of any tools to do this? I found Crello but can’t make up my mind whether it’s a valuable option or not. I’m almost entirely certain GIMP can do this but it’s a lot of hassle to figure out. Any help appreciated.

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Use Jarvee.

You can create campaigns and there you’ll enter spintexts {hi|hey|hello} etc to then make each post unique.

Make sure to check ‘use random picture for random account’ so then each post is unique to each account whether it’s 5 or 500 given the amount of spin texts you use.

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And how does Jarvee add the text on the picture? As far as I’m aware, Jarvee is only for automation but it doesn’t have an image creation nor manipulation component. Also, I have no Windows machines at hands.

It isn’t automated, but it is pretty quick. I use Photopea for my images, and save the basic idea as a template. Have one layer the image, one layer the text, and one layer your logo. Then pull up the template, and change out what you want. Grab a bunch of photos, and you could pre-stage them, then just change the text as the podcasts go. Plus, Photopea is free… @Zettt edited to add OP

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Right. But I’m looking for a solution that is 100% automatable. Photopea has JavaScript support. You didn’t try that? I really don’t have the time to sit there and write everything myself, when I can also just pull all the information from a feed.

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I don’t do that much that automated makes that big a difference.

A few threads show methods on automating image creation by like 60 in 60seconds with Photoshop…

If that’s not fast enough, you’ll either need to hire someone to code you something or you’ll get diminishing returns on ur posts…

Content is king for growth on insta… if you cheap your way through it, don’t expect massive gains (ER or followers or even sales) from insta

Just sayin

I don’t want gains. I just want something that automates image creation. I can code it myself. But I’m really flummoxed why there’s still no solution for this. By now it must have occurred to some people this would be useful to some people. I know Photoshop can do it. I know how to set up a Launch Agent but watching it every two weeks take over my computer? Nah…