Automation, Ads,Manual growth.. Nothing works on my account:( Help!

Hello guys , I’ve been searching and trying for weeks ( Months!) to get my engagement and growth back to my personal page. I’m a music artist and I had a good run with automation until a year ago when I stopped posting for month (I know big mistake) and It totally killed my page. I have around 14k followers now - back last year I had at least 1k like on each post … today not even 100 on very good content. Less than 100 see my stories (on 14k followers!)
I tried everything this year to come back to a trusted account but nothing seems to work. I hired guys on here with little to no result . I run ads with no results at all. I do manually commenting and liking on hashtags in my niche but very little result
I’m getting desperate as I have very good content but no audience. What can I do ?
Should I go back to automation? Ideally I want to spend less time focusing on that and more on my music. What would you do ? Hire someone (I only have 50$ budget) ? Run Facebook ads? Please help me , I’m spending a lot of time trying to find a solution but nothing seems to work.

If you are a music artist why not focus on TIKTOK while you can still grow fast there.
Sooner or later they will turn into IG, focus on TIKTOK and send people to your IG from there.


Do you know any reliable Tik Tok promotion tactic?

Post consistently, engage with followers of other account in your niche (like their vids, comment, follow them).

TikTok algo is a little bit weird :joy: just keep posting good vids and one of them will hit the jackpot.

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Hey brother send me a DM and I will try to help. No guarantees thou :slight_smile:

Engage with your audience. Follow people, like their posts, comment, reply to their comments.
Do a hashtag research and use the right hashtags to boost your growth.

Be patient, it’s the learning curve so stay focused