Automation alternatives to Jarvee

I’ve been using Jarvee for a long time now and it was great while it worked but recently I feel like I’m spending more time clearing cookies and trying to figure out why the embedded browser isn’t working.

Has anyone used an alternative to Jarvee and what has been your experience with that software?

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Interesting you ask that here. It’s like walking into Mickey D’s asking for opinions on Whoppers :smiley: That said, you should check out the manual automation threads, people have some success with that.


I’ve been reading a bunch of those an although they look very promising, manual automation is much more time consuming. The beauty of true automation is that it is very efficient.

Manual automation - now that’s an oxymoron you don’t see every day


For the moment the only atlernative is manual f/uf until automation back to field

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Automation is still working for me without any major issues. I’m using my own bot tho.

We land a rover on mars after it’s been in space for a month but can’t seem to develop an AI based system for automation. Seems to me like there’s a huge opportunity for someone.

When the rover landed on Mars there wasn’t a giant company trying to do everything in their power to prevent that from happening


Something new will be created or an improvement to an existing software will happen because there is just too much money on one side (automation) and not enough ROI on the other (IG stopping automation).

What IG really wants is more traffic driven to their ads. Automation helps to drive that traffic so I can’t imagine it will ever disappear completely.

I disagree. IG doesn’t want more traffic to ads.

Rather, IG wants more time spent in the app so users get exposed to more ads.

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I see that kind of as the same thing. So we’re in agreement. More people on the app means more people seeing ads

They def want more time on the app. I would assume automation would help with that. New users get engaged with by bots, otherwise they would have no likes or new follows.

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one problem with other forms of automation – ya going to run into the same issues with crappier results/support. ALL automation has been hit – bots, unfollow bots, everything.

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I agree with the ones who say they and time spend on the app, because my personal account got a block when i was on vacation for 2 days and i didnt used the app in that timeframe, and before for 6 Days, everything worked fine. So i think we have to stick to personal brand accounts instead of growing with fake accounts.