Automation and proxies

I found some different software to automate my Twitter and TikTok accounts I have 3 accounts on each platform doing different things. If I automate likes follows etc do I need to have a proxy for this since it’s only 3 accounts?

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What spftware are u using for tiktok? I need a tool to repost tiktok videos.

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Yes I am curious, what software are you using for tik tok?

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If you are using Jarvee, it’s mainly for Instagram that we recommend using a proxy if you have more than 2 IG accounts added. For Twitter, I currently have three accounts running on the home IP and I do not have issues so far. I think Twitter is more strict when you use the same phone number for the accounts.

They are all my personal accounts so they all use my same phone number

How is the experience with blocks and what limits are you doing?

I have been pretty busy plus I have to keep up with content for my pages which is more difficult because it is original material and I am judged with a magnifying glass on every aspect of performance. So I got all the different software and VPS I got scrapers I got one proxy as a review copy I’m trying to find ipv4 for the scrapers right now. Then I have really great ideas for my children I have some graphics and I’m going to be very detailed to maximize results as well as ideally grow my pages to be theme pages I can do shoutouts from. So I will be fine tuning warming up this week then I should be starting limit testing next week. So I can do a little post of my journey but I have read thoroughly on this forum as well as talked to a lot of people. The max I will push them I think is 100 followings a day and 25-30 dms so they last long term. Unfortunately I think some kids will suffer SIDS upon birth so it will just taking failing first to succeed.

If you are asking about other platforms I have to investigate TikTok I’m using a paid service now but I found some software to use so I got to research limits. Twitter has a max of 400 follows a day and 1000 unfollows so you don’t want to hit those I will do it slow and then go up to 200 and 600 for both. After that’s success my max will be 300 and 800/1000 they are less strict with unfollows. I also got a Soundcloud software. Those will come after I have initial stability on Instagram though.

Regardless of the number of accounts, it’s always safer to use proxies to run them. First, these keeps your home IP away from danger, because if TW decides to block an IP, all accounts you create thereby using that IP will be banned. Secondly, with mobile proxies, you can sometimes get away with bans and blocks, because mobile proxies keep rotating their IP pools between customers. If TW wants to block someone, they could be risking real users too.

Yes, if it’s more than 1 account from the same platform, then I would always go with proxies.