Automation/Jarvee Update heading in 2020

In August I basically gave up on Jarvee and all the IG automation functions with all the blocks. Has any progress been made? Still paying for Jarvee, but haven’t even logged in for months…has IG eased up a bit and is it worth resuming growth tactics with Jarvee? Or are the days of automation growth dead?

Imagine the worst case scenario

And make it worse :rofl:

At this point hats off to those who can scale with JV but now it’s going off on custom bots and independent providers


At the moment with JV you can do normal amount of actions, like 160 F and 160 U if you set correct timing and random. Random is the key because insta is a pattern learning machine.
Proxy 4g is necessary.
You will for sure receive lot’s of action block and hard block, you pause the profile for 4/5 day and then continue.
The only problem is when you find your client account compromised.

I do also manual inside phones and you can do basically the same number of action and receive the same number of blocks, but no account compromised.

DC proxies still works, as 4G proxies, and both can reach daily limit. But you need to find good ones, and you will experienced a lot of blocks on JV, more than manual, but more customizable.

However with JV, you won’t be able to DM a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

If you didn’t log in JV for a few months, just leave it. It’s not worth it IMO. You missed too much stuff to get ROI fast enough. Go for an other way !

well JV works sometimes (maybe configuration/ avoid pattern …) it is AI that will get you temp blocks.
very customized Android bot will work better than manual - this is where the market is going to.

You using EB or API?

4G proxy is not necessary.

i use only api

What do you mean customized Android bot?

Would you still be able to use Jarvee for content scraping only? Or are there better tools for this?

Bot that runs on Android phones …

I’d also be interested in this as well. I stopped back at the end of November after trying relentlessly for months but I’m totally willing to try again if there is still hope. I was running this as a business until the June block-wave and since then I’ve lost so much money through losing clients :frowning: Someone give me some hope please!

Please share some links

noone is sharing sh** on lvl 1 thread buddy

You don’t have to be rude here. You started as lvl1 too and it doesn’t tell you anything about your competency. The mere fact that you don’t realize that all information you deem too important to keep it away from people, is already to be found somewhere on the internet, tells us enough about your mindset. @andrejo

joined 4 hours ago. cheers mate for your comment

I wish i could find what you are speaking about.
After doing for 2 months alot of tries i dont get anywhere.

Sharing information is not SPAMMING. If someone say that he can do everything right. why not to share with others… if you find it as a spam its really not the case

What i am sharing is only my bad experience and lack of success. If it had working i would share it. no use for sharing failures.

BTW… you are really a “HOT” non social being

Jarvee still works u just need to do alot of test and be dedicated no more easy life guys…
Be flexiable and adpot the changes its just like a game with a new level of learning
Not everybody have the time to learn it