Automation - Loosing followers

I’ve been using follow unfollow for a while on my personnal account reaching 40k followers.
I’ve stoped using follow unfollow for a moment now and my account looses 100 followers a week !
What can I do ?

it’s normal, just re-start the tools or switch to some organic strategy

2 questions,

Why you stopped using F/U?

How are you growing the account now?

Yeah if there are no any issues with F/U strategy then why quitting, just continue from where you’ve stopped.

Did you notice any drop in engagements as well? perhaps your account got shadowbanned, so you’re losing more followers than you gain.

Insta write off followers from my FAN page every day. Since May 26, they have removed more than 100 people and followers continue to unsubscribe. The quantity is gradually less and less. The quantity only decreases and does not grow! I never bought them! Sorry for my bad english

Instagram does that from time to time they start removing fake accounts and it might happen that those accounts are following your page hence the decrease in followers number