Automation not for client management - Is it possible?

Hey guys,

This community helped me a lot in the past couple of months, and I’ve been experimenting with all of the features Jarvee has to offer to get my hands dirty with automation.

After automating for a bit I’ve noticed that my main accounts, those who are running safe settings, are getting disabled every single day, which will make this journey pretty useless if every account gets disabled quickly.

I was told that to solve this problem I need to add a valid phone number & email to the account, just like a client would have. The problem is, there is no PVA provider that offers its phone numbers for the long term, which means that I can’t really use a PVA provider and attach the number it’s giving me to an account, since I’ll need it in the future, and these services offer verification only once.

My question is, due to the fact that each individual IG account will need a real phone number that can be verified at any time, is it possible to automate IG for purposes that aren’t client management without having hundreds of SIM cards at your disposal? Is there a solution that I don’t know of or is that the reality at the moment?

Note: I know that it’s “possible”, people are making a living out of IG + CPA/Niche page growth and Jarvee, I’m just wondering if they’re using SIM cards, or they have a different magic solution to this problem. So far I’ve lost around 30 accounts to CAPTCHAs, and I was told that it’s because of the PV problem.