Automation(not only Instagram)

Hey guys, i have a question. I know that Instagram automation is very popular with private tools nowadays. It’s popular both for marketing and generating the leads.

But tell me guys, are there any other social media platforms which are really popular with the automation too, not only Instagram?

I’m very interested to learn automation with other platforms as well, can you suggest me other platforms which have biggest potential to learn automation? Is it TikTok? Is it Linkedin? Or is it Facebook?

I mean, If If you’d have a chance to learn automation for the monetization purposes, which other social media platform would you choose besides Instagram?

It depends your niche. Certain niches work better for certain platforms.


TikTok is the next big thing.

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Exposure and views? - Tiktok surely

Money? - Linkedin

Growing a business/brand? - Instagram surely!

If the goal is to identify a platform first and then find a niche, then instagram would be a better bet. It is relatively easier to grow rapidly using automation

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I think Twitter will fit in too a lot of those with musk in charge. But may be hard to automate.

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Considering that what dall-e is doing, I wouldn’t even dream of automating on Twitter!

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