Automation's future, iOS Device Virtualization?


Few days ago I was reading some tech news when I found an article talking about a company who was emulating iOS somehow.

As you may know, Apple is not allowing anyone to tweak their own OS since everything is pretty much protected to avoid copies and improve privacy/security (or so they say), that’s why almost every automation tool is using Android, an open source OS that can be easily modified.

So Apple wants to sue this company because emulating an iOS device it’s illegal of course, however I’m wondering if it’d be any possible to automate Instagram with this tool and/or if we’ll see more tools lookalike any time soon.

An iPhone device has a huge trust score, it’d be perfect for that.

What do you guys think about it?

Feel free to check the news attached.


You wouldn’t be able to use this program to automate as it is literally just an emulation. JB developers use it to test their exploits and then once it works on that, they test it on the real thing. It would be cool if something popped up like this in the future, but with how strict Apple are, I doubt it.

I know one guy who actually automated iPhone (Instagram account creation), not perfectly but…

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This is the test that I have done in recent days, I took control of my phone (Android) with software and I wrote some codes in image recognition that clicks follow unfollow and it works very well the only one problem is that I do not know how to scaler that unless you buy 100 phones.


I don’t agree with you. Be careful when you say “it’s just an emulation”, you don’t need much more to make it happen.

Just think about Jailbreak, there’s a huge amount of tweaks available to automate an iOS screen regarding taps, it’s not that difficult, just like a Macro.

Also, there was a time when the AppStore was full of automation app tools who were running in the background to automate IG, it’s not that new.


Maybe someone in this forum has an Apple Developer Certificate and knows how to build something with Xcode.

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We are working on this more many years, most of the things you are saying is correct, iOS emulation is not possible, actually what we do is a simulation, we use it for testing apps, this is the only method approved by Apple.

On the other hand there are ways of “controlling” an iOS device, so automation is a reality. Why is not so popular? basically because is more expensive, the device that you need, the developer license…

I wouldn’t invest in that, Android keeps growing worldwide so there we focus.

Cool topic.