From the gold automation era of IG to now, many things are changed. Many agencies, CM, freelancers have lost accounts, many automation companies are not earning money, others are doing the best trying to understand the “algorithm”, but THING ARE CHANGED

We have used many automation tools those years, and right now, Jarvee is the most “effective” considering price/benefits. Considering that I see many posts of Jarvee issues, I decided to wrote this article

Like I see, I am willing to think like an INSTAGRAM commercial director, to find out the “algorithm” or what is going on, In that case, I NEED TO EARN MONEY NOW, I am in the top of the wave now!!

a) I will ask to my developers to make everything possible, in order to instagram users stay plugged and using the platform as much as possible

b) show to Instagram users what they are interest for (remember, IG is an entertainment tool, not like you tube, that in some way is also and educational tool)

c) so if I reach the a and b, I will "obligate" to business accounts to advertise in the platform if case the want to promote their accounts or products

Following this way of thinking INSTRAGRAM KNOWS that likes are not effective any more, comments and like comments are the same, DM the same; BUT the real engagement come from "VISUAL IMPRESIONS"!!!. I can say it, like a director of a company who measure ER.

Try it yourself. Use your personal IG account to navigate through the IG app o IG web (changing the focus of what you usually see or do in IG for a few days) avoiding to do any action (likes, comments, dm, follow, unfollow), but watch videos, watch complete IGTV videos, news, stories in the same focus, and see pictures, captions, and comments for more than 5 seconds; and you will see some changes in the suggested tab.

So what instagram does not care any more?

a) location / ip from where the actions are carried out or not (I have non-automated clients that use their application in the US and we collaborate at the same time with content publications from an Argentine IP without any problem; why? because this is within the logic for a business account, multiple users can access the same account from anywhere in the world. (things that have not yet been contemplated by IG), different users for the same account),

b) IG does not care about the amount of actions follow, un follow, likes, dm, comments, etc. meanwhile these are within reasonable human action can do; although it seems the actions over stories has not limit, yet; which is logical since IG has focused much of its growth on this tool; Someday you will have limits.

c) IG does not care with time, hours, places thay we connect from (they will ask just for security, like any emai provider), BUT they want us to be plugged as much as possible

So, why do we get actions blocked, AC, and emails or phone verifications?

In my opinion, if I would be an IG director security developer , following the commercial directions (expressed above) I will try to avoid automatization, so companies has to advertise. I would focus in three things (some suggestions are welcome):

a) visual impressions that users are having and the how many hours that the application is in use per account; and this is achieved within a browser or the instagram application.

I think after seeing and studing the logic of IG after june 19 this is the main subject to control

b) mesure how many possible actions could be performed by a human being from the same IP, not from one account, including his history behavor on instagram (remember we are able to have 5 accounts in our phone, and unlimited account in or web, with the same proxy. the control is for the IP, not for account

c) avoid all scrappers activities… but in any case our scrape is not 100% truly, becuase the ER is about VISUAL IMPRESIONs, that is not wat to get that information

point A, B, or C; are not possible to be automatize YET!

So we are discussing abut blockings, AC, validation; and we are no focused in what IG does:



Have a like for you! go on!

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Well, you can focus on and discuss whatever you want, there is nothing you can do to make things working again sooner or later you will have to accept that.

hi!!! I am not trying to discuss anything here… just trying to cooperate. We are sending our reports to Jarvee and others AT in order to cooperate, they are having the same point of view… TO EMULATE VISUAL ENGAGEMENT, you need a lot of hardware resources, but they are working on VISUAL ENGAGNEMENT now. Actually last Jarvee Uptdate (API full emulation) it a first step on this matter.

okay mate relax :slight_smile:

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