Autoreply "Keyword" is being glitchy

I sent the keyword “Hello” from 2 other accounts, does not seem to want to reply to them.
It adds them to the send section (extracted) and makes the spintax reply, but then won’t go into the success section.

A prospect said Hello and it did do the first reply, so that is good!

you mean that Jarvee already detected that the account received a message with “hello” and put it in the pending section but it was not sent?

Yeah, it would put it in pending, then it would not go to success section, then again as shown in logs, it would be sent to pending again, but then not successful, and process kept repeating.

Strange, because a random prospect said Hello and it worked.

Either way, turned it off…

I think that might be a bug of some kind, you can contact their support and see how it goes.

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