"AutoReply" Question

Hey everyone,

I realize there’s tons of problem with the DM even withu added “Contextual Action” & “Thousand of Spintext”
So my friends told me to use the “AutoReply” instead…
My question is … your account need to on “API” in order to use the “AutoReply Tool” right?
I’ve tried using “Only EB” and non contacts can be scraped…
Any insights from you guys out there?


Do you have any other accounts using the API (other accounts that don’t have the USE ONLY EB checked)?

Make sure to have some and Jarvee should be able to use them to execute the necessary API calls for the contact tool.

I’ve tried it… it doesn’t work…
It works for you just to turn some accounts into API and the account with “ONLY EB” is able to scrape AutoReply message?

normally it should work , how about the API did you try to use only the API no embedded browser stuff?

If I use only API or API Full Emulation… Yes it works …
but if an account with Only EB … it doesn’t work even if I turn some other accounts into API …
They just don’t sync along…
So bottom line is the accounts need to be API or API Full Emulation in order for it to scrape autoreply message :sweat_smile:

it’s not possible indeed to use other accounts to scrape new messages for Auto Reply. It has to be done by your main account (using API).

Ya, you’re right… not sure why Luca said it can be done :sweat_smile:

So are you guys all FULL EB or HALF API or FULL API EMULATION?

Yeah I definitely thought that it was possible but after a few tests (that drove me crazy why it’s not working)

I think it’s not possible to do so, sorry for the confusion mate :pray:

Switching between the 2 from time to time to avoid blocks.

haha i see …

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I’m using API full emulation atm. :smiley:

Does half API mean you have the option “Use only embedded browser to send direct message” checked?

Haha … usually half API, I’m referring to using API but follow,unfollow,like etc using EB only :laughing:

Is Full Emulation good? Working well?

yup, very few blocks, nothing frustrating, but the settings are not that high, many scrappers and proxies.

you? all good?

well … i am still doing okay … but got a few accounts on “help me confirm etc…” a loop basically cannot be solve using previous method … T.T

did you try this option? if no, make sure to have the email validation tab configured correctly and try that option.