Average IG Story Post's Conversion Rate?

What’s the average conversion rate of people who purchase an item after viewing a story promoting the item?

I want to sell a $15 event ticket to my audience who typically go to these types of events.

I am happy to know even what it ranges from (eg. 5%-15%)

Here is the thing. Purchase is typically not the next step after bringing the person from IG. Conversion rates for direct sales like this would be something closer to 0.1-1%. Unless, of course, this is not the first time that they hear from you, and that they are warmed up to make a purchase.

If you had a list of people interested in the event or events and this list was hot, then you could reach 0.5-5%. Is this the case? If not, I would adjust my expectations or warm up the base before attempting to make the sale.

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Hey CloudChaser, so basically they’re warmed up yes.

And I am showing multiple tickets for them to buy on one dashboard to different events around town (Kind of like EventBrite). They know of these events and are warmed up to my page & the events.

Just to clarify - Are you saying those % are based only on the people who view my story? Or my total follower base?

based on reach. If it is extremely warmed up and niched, like say a university fraternity, and you are promoting parties that everybody normally goes to, then you can reach higher than 5%… 5% is a great number for IG-to-sale metrics though.

Maybe others that had better results can give an opinion, but this was my experience in the past years.

Got it. So for example - If 3,000 people view my story… I could sell 0.1%-5% depending on if its events they go to, warmed up, etc.

I imagine if I made the tickets discounted, conversion would be even higher.

Thanks. Do these % apply to normal posts/reels on a page too?

This applies in marketing in general. Outliers can happen if you include discounts or other effective CTAs that work specifically for that niche.