Avoid getting banned

Good afternoon, my page has been disabled/banned multiple times and I wanted to see if anyone has any tips on how to avoid getting banned in the future?
I was told that when you are banned ig can block your IP address, device…
After recovering a page what would be some good ways to avoid getting banned from the system?
Logging into the app on a new device?
Changing ig user name?
Using a different iCloud login or new up address when using the app? Let me know what you think

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@Socialmediaj You’ll have to give more details on your account type and what you’re doing that might result in you getting banned.


I don’t post nipples or anything else that violates their guidelines. In the past I was disabled by people spam reporting my page (upset that I wouldn’t post them.) my page is a personal page that I do some promotion from (no bots) I gues my question is, when ig “blocks” an account, what is it that they are actually blocking? (Page name, device, IP address)?

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Block as in the option to click “Block user”? That’s preventing them from seeing, commenting, or liking your account or its photos.

If by blocking, you mean Instagram disabling YOU from logging in which requires you to request it to be restored, that’s simply a deactivation or ban of the account itself. It’s pretty much guaranteed that all of your information is on file that’s been associated with the account. IP, device ID, email address, phone number, name, GPS data possibly, etc. So in theory that could be used to prevent you from creating new accounts with any similar information in the future, if they believe you’re causing harm.


Thanks for explaining that…So if I recover my account should I change the phone number associated with the account?

I don’t think that’s necessary, they likely still have all your information logged, previous numbers you’ve used for phone verify, etc.


Okay, my and a few other users experienced issues where our page was deactivated, recovered, and then deactivated again within a day or two wether we were actively posting or not. The strange thing is that even though the pages are deactivated we are still able to see our page names under post we have previously liked (when logged in from a backup page)

How do you log in from a backup page? Same device, IP ? How many accs are you using on the same device? And are you using your home IP for most things?

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Before I was banned I created over 5 accounts on my phone (ip) I wasn’t logged into all the accounts at once but one page was banned and I wasn’t able to create a new page until I reset my phone to factory settings. I think my ip changes all the time because I use my phone in different places

So there you have it. The issue is right there.

The next time the acc is banned and you recovered it, try not using the acc for a week or longer, take out every acc that links to your iphone or don’t use the phone at all, and see if that does anything. If it still gets banned in the meantime, it means someone is bugging you. If it doesn’t it means your device is leaking something.

I’m not sure if factory setting changes things like IMEI or device ID, maybe a hard factory reset might. On icloud, you need to disable backups of any kind, keychain etc.

Your best bet is just do a hard factory reset and use a new icloud email.


I was using my account on an iPhone 7 and just purchased an iPad mini for all my social media my page is recovered again would I be safe only using it on the iPad? Or should I not log in period for a week

As per my suggestion above, there are many ways to approach it. Try what you feel is best.

Also, Not logging in does close to nothing, unfortunately, for apps thesedays there are a ton of things they install to keep track of your usage even if you deleted the app from the device.


Oh ok I was confused because you said the next time I recover it not to use the account for a week or longer. Thanks for your input I appreciate it!