Avoid Shoutcart.com influencers - SCAM


Is shoutcart.com a scam, right???

I’ve used it recently, and it did not deliver the service/quality offered. Even the shoutout.com stats does not work fine.

I’ve used it twice, and I regret it. I had chosen “influencers” from a similar niche as mine, but It didn’t even generate a single follower. Both campaigns had no results. Certainly, because Shoutout.com uses fake influencers. Money wasted!

There are pour accounts, full of fake followers, and fake stats. That’s burning money at all!

What a terrible service! There is no customer service as well.

Want to post its review, but could not make it on google. Does anyone know where I can review this site?


Beware most of these sites are not good, maybe not scam but most serious influencers will not work with them…

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I used them once, with poor results. Saw some of the same influencers on other sites. I think there are “influencers” who are burning their followers with the constant bombardment of shoutouts and stuff.

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I didn’t dare to try because most of the reviews were negative, still waiting for a good review, anyone?

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I’m so upset with myself for trying this.

Fake influencers everywhere. You need to audit them them yourself. Definitely can’t rely on these sites.


I was an influencer on shoutcart quit because the AD quality was abysmal. Not going to post something for $25 that will lose me 250 followers. I think the only people left are those who dont give a single shit about their accounts and are desperate for money.

also look what I just found 48m according to shoutcart but 6.1m on insta
Screenshot_29 Screenshot_30


Any alternative websites with good reviews/results?

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You’ll just have to manually look for them yourself if you want quality. If there was a website with a tonne of fantastic influencers, we would all know about it by now.