Avoiding "almost-fake" profile suggestions!

Any tips on avoiding those “almost-fake” looking profiles that usually are from middle-eastern countries? They seem to be legit profiles but its a target base I don’t want to have.

I know change your target sources will be a popular answer but they seem to be everywhere!


You would have to set up a good and highly scrutinized filter system by name, profile, number of followers/followings etc etc. Since we don’t know what these profiles look like, that’s the best answer I can give you.

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Check 10-20 of those accounts, see if you can find a pattern. If they use domain name in their bio, then add *.com , *.net , *.info or whatever domain extensions they use to “bad words” filter, see if you can find any more common words they use and add those too.

Anyone who know how to avoid users with domain.com ?