AWS/RDP for posting on TikTok?

Is it possible or a good idea to use an Amazon AWS server for just posting to TikTok due my phone/IP being shadow banned?

If i can should i use a VPN or is the AWS IP okay for 1 account?

I don’t think a VPS IP address will be good for your account, most of them are flagged, I think a proxy should be better but I’m no TT expert let see what the other users have to say.

Noope, you should avoid running accounts on VPS IP address as they are probably flagged from the beginning.

Would it be better to just buy a residential proxy & use a dedicated browser for it? (my main browser it logged in to my personal one that i believe is shadow banned and so is my IP & phone)

yes, a proxy should be a good idea just make sure that you get a very good one and see how it goes.