Back to Facebok again after 3 years of stop ! What mistakes should i avoid?

Hey everyone.

i used to spam facebook with Hot models simply by pôsting in groups and getting maximam numbers of friends with 40 account i was able to generate 400usd back those days and last week i get a crazy offer from my manager which called me and ask me to resend Same Quality traffic which i used to send through social media.

My taffic was 6K visit and leas was 300/400 leads per day

I would like to star nextmonth and i want to know what should i do?
Do i need javeer?
do i neeed very old account aged 2008/2009.
is posing 10 times a week with profil normal or am i getting banned and ghosted?
should i do it through rdp/ vpn or best by mobile?

I Would appreacitue your replies and wish success to everyone

Use Jarvee. Use good quality proxies for your FB accounts. Use older accounts. Join 10-15 groups per day with at least 30-40 minutes delay between each joining.


Start with 10 per day per account and make sure there’s at least 1 hour delay between post. After couple of days increase to 20 posts per account. Use spintax. Use also other tools to simulate human behavior.

Publish posts (images or simple text) to own wall to hide your real intention (group posting) .

Use 3-4 hours of nightmode.

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What s best proxie network out there ???

Also need buy old aged facebook basically in Germany.

join 10*-15 is so risky as in passed join 5 groups result banned !!!
also posing 10 is alot, i would stat only by 4 post per day, i will try it tools to similate humain behaviour as much as i can.

NOTE I DID NOT GET THIS ! Publish posts (images or simple text) to own wall to hide your real intention (group posting) .
Can You please clarifiy me ?

Everyçone report because they suspected fake through i use amateur girls. so that s a big problem

NightMode i d use it 10-12 hours, i do not wanna go fast as resulte will be fast so perfer downclam.

thank you so much for your reply and time

First thing is to figure out what is your target audience and make sure to post this kind of content on places where you won’t be reported. And yes, it’s always better to have aged accounts. This way your trust score is higher and there are less chances that you will have issues when posting.

I am going to promot smartlinks of dating and cams and i observed once i post on Certain german groups account get shut down no matter what s profil man or women. it seems admins of group lunch a special atrack or ask thier members to report profile if just 10 people report, its Gone.

That s problem i am facing !!! how can i get drive traffic with avoid haters??

Hey! You need maximum trust accounts. Have you tried advertising in ADS manager?