Back to the business

Hello guys, first introducing myself - I’ve been doing automation for 2 years, mostly client management and some personal projects that I tried to monetize, active member of black themed forum.
I (almost) stopped working on this in June with the firsts algorithm changes but now I want to come back as I still have 10-15 customers.

I’m trying to start fresh and am always welcome to hear from the ones that have knowledge on IM in general.

I’m deploying 4G proxies at home with a Raspberry and usb sticks, they work, I don’t need help with that.

I would like to know what do you think about my approach. I will start with 3 acc per proxy (I plan to rotate IP address every 15 minutes) and I’ll have 2 groups of accounts. (I’ll use the J tool)

Group 1 following during 6 hours
Group 2 unfollowing during 6 hours
Group 1 unfollowing during 6 hours
Group 2 following during 6 hours

These accs will be from clients, all aged accounts with followers between 3k and 20k, mostly businesses. I’ll drop some questions here, if you wanna answer you can, if you wanna suggest something else I’m open to hear and learn.

  • How should I warm up these accs? I’m planning first day only seeing stories and then start with low actions like 50 f/u increasing 10 a day
  • Is it useful to have the accounts browsing Insta profiles with FB experience?
  • EB or API?
  • Once warmed up, I plan to go to 200 f/u a day - what do you think?

I hope you guys can guide me or at least share your thoughts.



You are correct in almost all cases- I would avoid story viewing at all at this moment.
3acc/ proxy is correct, rotating proxy is not mandatory, intervals- I use similar on 2% of my acc and they work, just check your logs daily to see if it goes as planned.
Warming up- just don’t hurry and it will be alright.
Solo EB, 200 daily is fine on both f/ unf, dont use scrapers, fb experience- yes.

I have zero blocks with similar setup, you shouldn’t have them too, especially if your accounts were asleep. Dont mess with stories, they’re on it now.


what would you suggest for IP rotation?

I’m sending you a private message, IG watches :eyes: