Backup Instagram accounts

I want to backup some IG accounts just in case of loss.
Currently thinking about backing everything up to a Jarvee campaign using repost tool.

Is there a better way?


There were tools that download all pictures + captions for you. But I can’t remember what those were called… If you Google it, should be fairly easy to find. Let me know if you find it.

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Backup as in what mate? Jarvee does backups of all the data you need.

Backup images, comments, DMs, stories, everything.
Jarvee backs up settings but not content from an existing IG account unless I have missed something.

The 3rd party tools have gone a bit quiet after IG launched a manual backup tool (to comply with data regulations). IG backup tool is good except it has to be done manually which is not great. It’s super comprehensive though and backs-up everything.

4K Stogram looks like the only good automatic solution and for £9.54 it’s not bad money.
Downloads all posts, stories and captions.
Does not download DMs, Saved posts & comments. Which for many people is their IG contact list!

Can’t find any other workable solutions that don’t involve spending hours in Python (not my strength).

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Didn’t know one should backup the IG account… What for? In case it gets banned?

Banned or hacked and content deleted.

Backup everything and on a schedule is good business sense.
I run a RAID1 NAS & backup to google cloud for all business data.
Instagram is my main marketing tool so I would be crazy not to have all content backed up.

Hy @Avo hope you have a nice weekend. As i did not want to open a new thread I ask here. Of course everybody else is also invited to answer the question.
Are you using a proxy for 4Kstogram? Is it safe to use 4Kstogram from your home IP?
Tried to figure out how the scraping is done technically but could not find an answer - I thought maybe it could be bad for my home IP if I scrape a lot of posts everyday?
Thankful for every advice…

4Kstogram is fine from a home IP, can’t see any particular issue unless you are already doing a ton of scraping on the same account.
I would definitely pause any automation before scraping a large amount of data on the same account.

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Thank you for the fast response. I have no automation running on my home IP I just wonder if it can get my home IP flagged or something. (I am also not logged in with an instagram account to 4KStogram - it works without IG account too).I plan to scrape all the content for all my child accounts so I guess that’s more than a usual user would scrape. Do you think Instagram can see the IP from which 4Kstogram is scraping?

Yes they can see the IP of course so potentially could ban your IP.
Unless you are planning on backing up 100s of accounts quickly I don’t think you are going to have a problem.

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I’m curious, did you work out an automated solution to do what you were hoping?

nope sadly not.

Manual IG archive is still the most comprehensive
Jarvee repost to campaign is the most automated
4Kstogram is the easiest to handle the data but not automated.

Have not given up yet