Bad earning with Instagram :(

Hi, I am little bit frustrated. I follow daily 15.000 IG followers and my average daily earning is $5 only. I use Adworkmedia and I promote some direct offers. I use MP only for following, do you do some more with MP to earn more money than me? Or can you give me some advice how to earn with Instagram more if you follow 15.000 followers daily? I think $5 is really bad. Thx my friends

How many clicks you get? Do you promote an offer that’s exclusive for one country? What’s your conversion rate?

Yes it is only US country, EPC is 0,15

I feel the same…
I followed the $50/day and Adnan’s ‘make money with IG-CPA …’ for work from home niche - promoting biz op cpa offers from max bounty and offers on clickbank.
I created 26 accounts - 6 out of 7 FB accounts got disabled and 1 IG account just got banned, still struggling to figure out how to PV 4 accs (i bought lyca prepaid sim cards but it turns out i need to top up - $19/mo) and 6 IG disabled probably because of bad proxy… i followed the safety guides pretty well…
So I’ve been running 4 IG accs, almost doing MP- CPA full time trying to make some passive income which turns out not passive at all, involves a lot of tedious, geeky work…
this month so far (10 days) => 156 clk 9leads $18.60 $0.12epc
200+hops - 1 sale $17
so i did a little math and it looks like I need at least 1000 clicks - 50k impressions /day to make $50-100 with this affiliate marketing…
been getting 10-15 clicks/IG acc so I’d need at least 100 active accs to earn just 50-100 bucks.
Let me know if this sounds normal?
I tried Bing just a few days and it cost me about 45 cents per click… and I ended up losing money…

Adnan and Brandon seems like some of seasoned marketers here in this forum, it’d be fantastic if you share about how much money you make with MP - CPA…
it’d be very helpful for noobs like me feeling like shooting in the dark right now…
lots of info out there seem like just sales pitch at the end…
this forum seems more authentic so… looking forward to some good advice…

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I think you went with a wrong niche here. Personally, I would never promote that kind of offers on IG.

Instagram is good for email submits, games hacks (especially if you target French traffic - high payout for pin submits), giveaways (beauty or health products)… For some reason I don’t see efficient way of target users in IM niche.

@BrandonBerner, what do you think? :slight_smile:


What a cluster F*** :smiley:

Ok, first off I wont be spoon feeding the right niches, or my exact methods, however I will do my best to guide you in the right direction.

Lately I have been doing less CPA offers, and more affiliate marketing since the commission is much higher. People seem to be getting smarter with CPA and back out before completing the offer. Although there are still lots of stupid people out there who will click it, I found affiliate offers generate more traffic, and commission.

That being said, there are lots of business in many different niches offering affiliate programs.

If you have an Instagram account in the niche of technology, find hosting companies and sign up for their affiliate programs. Then promote their services on your account.

If you have an Instagram account in the niche of business, find luxury businesses and sign up for their affiliate programs. Then promote their products on your account.

If you have an Instagram account in the niche of makeup, find makeup related business and sign up for their affiliate programs. Then promote their products on your account.

I have been able to increase my daily commissions by offering multiple affiliate offers (in the same niche) on each landing page. For example, the technology niche I have a landing page with an affiliate link to cloud storage, website hosting, cheap domains, computer parts, and useful software. Around 30% of users who use one of the affiliate links, actually come back and order a different service making me even more commission.

I also run/operate/own many different business which I also promote on Instagram. Instead of only making commissions form CPA or affiliate, I am eliminating the middle man, and keeping all the profits to myself (since I own the businesses I am promoting on IG) :D.


Hey Brandon,
What exactly do you mean by that?

@abbecain He probably means selling his own products, ex: dropshipping


Sorry for the confusion. I have updated my post to make more sense of what you quoted.

Hopefully that clarifies it. If not then Ill just explain it entirely different.

I have some Instagram accounts which do CPA offers.
I have some Instagram accounts which sell affiliate products
I have some Instagram accounts which promote my own products & services.

This was I can make a few dollars from CPA offers. a lot more dollars with affiliate commissions, and a ton of dollars from my own businesses products and services.

Essentially I have put my eggs in multiple baskets :smiley:


And all baskets into one large IG basket :slight_smile: or you’re also promoting elsewhere?

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Hahaha, very true. I mainly use Instagram only, however for my business I have facebook, and twitter accounts also. Then I also use lots of other promotions such as radio ads, news papers, blogs, forums, and many others.


smart approach Brandon

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You never cease to amaze me with how creative you really are :sunglasses:
How do you deal with the diverse country traffic on instagram while promoting affiliate offers?

The affiliate offers I promote are not country specific so it does not mater where the traffic is coming from.

I do have a few affiliate offers which are country specific. In that case I will target that country as best I can.

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5$ daily for this ammount of time is just unbelievably bad … srsly now my facebook accounts got restricted so i stumbled across this forum and trying to do stuff with instagram but meanwhile i still get 10-15$ from 10 targeted facebook groups and 3 facebook accounts that are not even pva … so i mean it looks like you’ve done shitload of work to get this 15k follows each day and 5$ is like worst. Hope it’ll get better for you…

btw with bing you need to do a lot of reaserch , try out small ammounts like 5 dollar cap and if it converts well you go for more , then if it converts rly well you put in bank + you should find something like 2-5 cents a click , honestly how much offers do you see of epc 45 in global ? Few , so 45/click is like throwing your money in the lake.

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Have you tried doing affiliate m. on twitter and decided it was no good, or is it something you never bothered with in the first place?

I find Twitter is just completely full of spam. Rarely anyone uses it anymore unless they want to talk shit about something or someone. For that reason I have not even tried using Twitter for affiliate marketing. I only use it to increase brand awareness and SEO by placing my businesses links on them.

Why test using Twitter, when I am having great success with Instagram with no signs of slowing down?

In addition, I dont hear much Twitter success stories hahaha.

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donald trump uses twitter :joy:

True, but Twitter is likely not the reason for his presidency. There might be a lot of reasons, but two might be “the right support by people with a lot of influence” and “Microtargeting” - you might have heard about it, otherwise feel free to use Google or about this interesting, but also dangerous approach…