Bad followback ratio

are there any ways to increase this? getting very low follow back like 5 procent maybe

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Not so difficult:

1.Follow the most recent followers of pages that hit explore page in your niche.
2.Follow the most recent followers from your target pages.

This ensures that those followers are online and generally tend to follow back even more in this case,hope this helps.

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Use a bot that doesn’t suck

any bot that can do this? jarvee wont let me do this

Maybe a custom made bot can help you out in this situation.

Follow Own follower’s followers who interact on their most recent posts. When you send them follow request or follow, it shows them that their own follow account is following you and you will get high chance of follow back ratio than people who interact on explore page. It’s my own experience and I am getting 30-35% FB ratio doing so.

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any way to do this with a bot? and follow recent follower only that interact with posts

It’s possible with J. But it depends on your settings, proxy and You should not login from phone.

That seems to be your standard reply to many questions.

Maybe you can tell something about this custom made bot?

Yeah it is a standard reply because people still don’t understand it.

A custom made bot means just simply hire a dev,a software company to get a bot made for you,simple enough?

And most important,keeping the bot and the method private after you get it done.