Bad views even I have a "lot" of followers

I actually have more than 57k followers however my views are very low and I just don’t understand why. For instance in average I will get only 1000 views even if my watchtime is really good ( >75 %) like my engagement rate (30%-25%) maybe it’s because my video are really short like 8 sec, or myb it’s because I don’t have any niche what do you think ?

also tiktok keep deleting my video for absolutely no reasons

Is your content copied or borderline stuff? If they delete your posts, there must be reasons. Your low views with high engagement is also another sign that they penalize your contents.

No i post original content. So what can I do to get my normal views back ?

What about your caption and hashtags? Do you try to make the most out of them?

I stopped using hashtags and I try to use short captions

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I think your video duration is the issue, 75% watch time for 8 second videos is probably not good enough to their algorithm, so your video is stuck at around 1000 views. Try to upload longer videos. See your most viewed video, then try to create a similar video, but make it longer.

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This is not YouTube. You can have 1 million followers, and 100 views on a video. It’s all about your engagement rate, as well as watch time. If your video is 15 seconds long, and most of your viewers swipe up on the 3rd second, TikTok won’t push your video to many people.

You also need a niche. Not sure how you got these followers, but they definitely need to know what you’re doing.

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Most of my followers come from viral videos however it was just a trend I can’t keep doing the same trend months after

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This man is wiser than 99% of the people on this forum regarding TikTok. Listen to what he says!