Banned IG account Doubt

i have read a lot and love this forum but i have a doubt regarding the functioning of instagram.
Until yesterday I had an account where I was reposting videos / photos of dogs and I was having a good growth. now I’m chatting with Instagram to try to recover my account.
I’m almost sure that the owner of the video was identified or had “Dm for credit” in caption yet I ended up banned.
My question is: How do the thousands of repost accounts survive? just someone talking to Instagram and puff … over. the owner of the video didn’t send DM to me, he only spoke with instagram and I was left without an account.
This is normal? so that no repost account is legal until @dog is an illegal account.
I don’t understand these laws just for some.
Has it happened to anyone?
Many thanks for the reply.

tagging or “DM for credit” isn’t a guarantee that someone won’t nail you with a copyright takedown. It’s still technically illegal unless you’ve actually gotten permission from the owner before reposting. If someone finds it and can prove that it’s their content, Instagram is legally required to take it down. If you want to be totally safe, ask the owner of the image before you post.

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Check your email for copyright emails from instagram.
There is a company jukinmedia they buy videos from random people and than copyright strike everyone that uses them.
I had 3 big accounts baned for videos of animals because they own the rights to them.
They have thounsands of animal related videos,i stoped posting videos all together because of this one company jukinmedia.


@florin22xxl I can confirm this as well, I have few friends who had their accounts disabled because of JUNKINMEDIA as well. Some of the accounts have been with 100-200k followers.

I recovered all of my accs after paying around 500$ in fees for their videos.
But thats not even the issue,they don’t contact you before ,they just strike your account.
After 3 strikes IG banes you…
What shit company business model,they don’t care about ruining other business.


Completely agre with you, i think will give up of animal related accounts. but i dont get any email from instagram or that company…this year was the 3rd strike and out… i think this depends on WHO made the report… i follow more than 100 dog related accounts and all i see is reposts… #doggyking2.0 for example only reposts and NEVER credit anyone and still live… me with 6k followers puff
No more pets accounts.
Thanks for helping

Those Junkinmedia MFs did report my content like 5min after I posted a video on a new account


Yeah, it seems that they are on some serious HUNT om all social platforms taking down accounts.

But now I know how they’re are making some extra money as well after @florin22xxl said that he managed to recover his accounts after paying $$$ and JUNKIN gave him permission.