Banning when i change the handle

Hello, i have a problem with my accounts.

I create them on a mobile proxy and warm them up. No problem here, but when i change the name and profile picture, i get banned the day after.
What can i do about this?

Do the accounts need to rest and warm up again after the change?

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How many are you creating?

How are you creating them? Are you resetting the phone, and changing everything so it’s a “fresh” app etc?

What do you mean by warming them up? Everyone has a different process.

What kind of proxies are they on? You might have created them on mobile, but you need to have them on proxies after.

How are you changing the pics etc after? As noted before, they would then need to be on a proxy, and in a bot or another app since you are limited to how many you can have per app.

Have you changed the metadata or md5 hash before uploading?


Im doing over 100 and im using the mobile proxy method stated on the forum.

Im using residential proxies after the creation.

Im changing them in Jarvee, which should make them unique, at least in the file name.

I have not done anything with metadata or md5. I dont know what this is.

Thank you for taking the time to respond Wortime!

Which one? There are several, please link to it.

Residential proxies from who?

So when you upload the files to change profile pic, they are all going to have a file name. That file name is going to basically be the same for all of them more or less.

I would try downloading them, changing the metadata so they are all unique or have metadata. Also, here is a free unique face generator that you can use so they are all unique. Every time you visit the face is unique.

Also, how many accounts per proxy?

How are you phone verifying them? Are they all using the same SIM and number?

Are you setting a delay for changing the details and profiles?

Once you add them to JARVEE and a new proxy, I would let them sit for a day with zero actions. Then change the details.

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Sorry for the very late answer.

I still have this problem, and would like help.

I use this method:

I’m using residential proxies from buypersonalproxy.

I use 1 account per proxy and SIM/number.

Im doing the details one by one and waiting a bit in between. should this be longer then like 10-20 sec?

Would you change the name and bio before you do any actions? Like this - Create, rest, change details, actions. ??

how long did you wait after creating them before using it in jarvee? How many action are you doing per day?

Why do you need to change them?? You make them on a mobile, create them as you want them to be! DOnt have to change anything then


I maybe do 20 accounts and add them 1-2 days after. Im doing around 550 F/UF per day and send some DM’s, but its clearly the changing of the details, since i changed half, and left the other. And every single one changed got a ban.

Okay so this is the trick? I just thought that it had to be looking like a person to start of with? I do niches like travel pages, but i did not think i could create a page like that to start of, according to that guide i linked to.

What about the proxies? I’ve had alot of problems with this and reposting.
I can’t seem to find anyone which can repost on a proxy without the video emblem.
But if i use my vps’ IP i can repost normally.

buypersonalproxy gave me nothing but problems, banned accounts when using Jarvee posting feature ect, they are flagged by IG.


You need mobile proxies.

He’s right (and he usually is lol), profile them when you create them. Saves you time too :slight_smile:

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I agree with this

This too. I went and bought a boost mobile phone to just sit at my desk to make accounts from.

And this. It’s not worth the headaches.


Hi Wortime, May I know what’s the purpose of this generator?


wow!.. it generated me a zucc…

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