Batch photo processing - text to image

Hi all,

Does anyone have a good tip what software I could use (or you are successfully using) to batch merge text onto images. The way I see this working is like this.

I have an excel or txt file with lines of text in each row- let’s say quotes about some stuff. The tool now selects each line and batch merges with a number of images from a folder. Final output is a folder with the merged textonimages.
Any pointers welcome

May I know what this is used for? It is for memes?

Memes, quote of the day, anything that has text on an image basically yes

bulk Image watermarking is what you should search for imo :alien:

Thanks, however the watermark bulk products I found will let you apply one watermark to x number of images a la

Text A to Image 1, 2, 3 , 4…

I am loooking for

Text A to Image 1
Text B to Image 2
Text C to Image 3

Ideally the text would be pulled from a csv or txt file and applied to c number of images in a folder


I’m also interested in that.

I am creating a lot of pictures for quotes and it takes hell a lot of time.

I think someone has to create a bot for that.

Some good news all - I believe. I have been researching this a while and came across a simple tool (s_merge) that applies watermark images to photos. I got in contact with the author and asked him if he was planning to introduce my feature. He wasn’t- but now said he will give it a go.

I will post link to the final software here once ready


Please let us know! I will appreciate your help :slight_smile:

Did he mentioned how long it will take him to make that software?

Hi all,

Haven’t had a chance to test it yet but the guy updated his software and it apparently works.

Check here -

Ps - I am not affiliated with the author nor do I know him or want to advertise his stuff (it’s free anyway as far as I can tell) I just asked him a while ago if he could customise his software to enable it to produce n: text merge onto images to automate the process of churning out memes …

Let me know / or him know what you think …

There’s this article about a similar process to create 60 images in 60 secs

From text in an excel file, to importing to a photoshop script image processor


I am using this one.

If you like can search google for crack version. But it is not that expensive.

PS: not affiliated btw

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Depending on your skills i highly recommend python 2.7 and PIL.

use photoshop instead. get the photoshop light version for free just ask google for it.