Be grateful you're in SMM

Just few rants here and there. Sometimes I see too many people whine about their tiny little losses.

There are two ways to earn money online.

  • seo
  • smm

So you think you had it tough / end of the world, when you lost 5 accounts? Wait till you meet SEO guys out there. I once endevour in SEO, because i thought it was the safe path. When it’s ranking, it sure is, but when I suddenly get cut off by yet another algo update, my whole income stream went poof.

Don’t believe me? Check BHW, every other thread pops up about some update and they lost their rankings and position.

I don’t really care about SEO that much since, but as I was using domain name generator sites, I found out most of these types’ Alexa metric has dropped in january.

Do you know i used $1500 to try to rank clash of clans h@ck and i only managed to rank only the longtail kws? And after that i had to put in more money to try and rank the main, while maintaining the position of the ones that’s ranking.

Compared to what appears to be 100$ spend on SMM, and you lost the accounts, the next 100$ you would fare much better. So think about it.


Heeeey, don’t knock good ol’ SEO! That’s how I made my mooolah which allowed me to get to here :slight_smile:

SEO is still amazing if you have the time and patience to work it. It is truly amazing that is it no longer “hot” and most of the folks have moved on to IG, Snapchat and apps… leaves more space for Google domination for the rest of us :slight_smile:

Haha. The patience is the one that killed me. Not only patience, but i had more sleepless nights on SEO than SMM. I mean, your 1 year effort can just disappear in thin air, no way to get it back.

On IG, you have at least the chance to take it back.

The horror of losing SEO-ed site is much more dreadful than 100 SMM accs.

Oh and i havent mentioned. I spent close to 1000+ on other kws as well, like ecomm kws. Best safety razor kinda thing. The total combined, and plus all the SEO packages i’ve paid, it ranked nowhere. What was claimed to be ZERO competition by some of the top guns in BHW, vouched by Tommy and BTB.

One should never have 1 site :wink:

SEO is a long tail game. You gotta put in the effort, but once it starts working, you can milk that traffic for years. I have a few sites I have done 0 for in probably the last 24 months. Traffic still pours in, the email list gets fuller and the products keep on selling. Would I retire from that income? No. But it keeps my coffee fund full lol

2 years ago I had 50 FB pages, now they are not as “trendy” as IG so SMM is the same thing, just skinned differently.

And you have to compare oranges to oranges. Losing a well SEOd site is like loosing your main 1 mil IG account. Sure, you can start over, but building that audience will take a while.

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I guess some people in the world is just really unlucky. I’m one of them. :sleepy:

No kidding, i launched close to 10 sites, each time upping the game, buying zero competition keywords etc.

At least you are rocking a pink goatee :slight_smile:

SEO is all about content and outreach. You get those two going, the rest takes care of itself these days. Long gone are the onsite optimization and keyword stuffing days. Now, if your content is crap, your SEO is crap.

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SEO is dangerous. You never know what can happen! . I hope if you are ranked your capturing emails. thats why once again EMAIL MARKETING . MP can be down. IG FB TWITTER can disappear tomorrow. Ill still be making money :slight_smile: Has ESP ever been down? I don’t think so most consistent online tool.

Yup, until Aweber got hacked 2 years ago and they had no idea which side was left and which was right lol

Thanks for the headsup. I’ve never really dwelled into capturing emails since all i did was blackhat. I’ll see a change of strategy.

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thats crazy ill look into that but they backup ur list either way so if that happens your asset is saved

You need too! Its the biggest regret every successful internet marketer has. I wish I started my list since day 1 !

It took me a while to understand it but once you do then you seriously will have serious income lol. Blackhat makes it more better you can automate and capture hundreds of emails without paying for Ads!

Also I recommend you do everything legitimately never scrape emails have them double opt in!.

You ASSet is only saved when you back up your lists weekly, locally.

Learned that the hard way when GetResponse had an “opsy, yeah, our server had a blah blah blah and your back ups are gone… but we can offer you a free month of service” situation and poof goes my 10k list.

Single optins have been proven time and time over to make more $$ down the road. What you lose in conversions you make up in volume from the folks that forget to do the second optin. Did my own testing and have confirmed it with most of the IM big guns.


I meant the blackat niches. I suppose when they really wanted a thing for free, “coc free gems” and actually not get it when they complete the email submit, they eventually are gonna be pissed so the list is umm, uselsss?

Whats a bunch of kiddos gonna buy or spend any money. Is what im thinking.

wow ! I can’t believe that! i use getresponse so im saving my list right now ! lol

My biggest advice is having your own online business. You can do price drops which people love and can make you lots of money. I mean think about it your pitching product to thousands of people. An affiliate can cancel anytime and then keep all the customers you gave them. CPA is just short term money to me. I don’t see that being a full time career ( I COULD BE WRONG )

yes but what if they give u bad mistyped emails just to get the free gift that will ruin your sender reputation? Or worse they give you spam trap emails! if u can link me the IM big guns I would love to read about their success. Im always learning new things from email marketing.

I couldn’t find any article about getresponse losing emails.

I don’t think you will. It seems like an isolated enough issue not to be a big deal. However, when it happens to you, it sucks… big time. I know of 2 more people being screwed in similar ways (unintentionally) by GR. At least they are cheap :slight_smile:

If one can afford it, InfusionSoft is bar none, the best of the best, especially if you have a more sophisticated funnel than time based email drips.


All I gotta say is I made a damn good name for myself in IG and Snapchat, and I am thankful for that. Cheers to a prosperous few years until the next thing comes along!