Beating the TL, your experience

This topic would be helpful to me and to all community here, to understand (more or less), where the TL affect the accounts.

Something was changed on IG after the last wave and all the people have been notice of it.

Me also, after years, have experience the TL on most of master accounts.

Mine its a small business but very solid, with 4g dongle and super safe scrapers account (5:1), splitted on different pc.

My reply at the poll below was ONLY UNFOLLOW, i start to got TL while performing unfollow at 170-180 actions /day; before these works perfectly without issues;some of these unfollow was performing for 2 weeks in a row because on these moments i have to lower the followings.

Most of the accounts are super aged and without any issues from a while.

Now im making few tests with low actions but continue to keep always one tool running at the same time (100-120).

If you consider to participate to this survey leave a small reply about your settings and experience.

  • Running follow/unfollow togheter
  • Running only follow
  • Running only unfollow

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I’ve been away for some days and now I see alot of post with TL, what is TL or what does it mean? haha

Temporary Lock
Instagram will ask to change the password by verify your phone number or mail.

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one thing that I know for sure that you should never run follow/unfollow tool at the same time that will casue a lot of issues TL and others.

You can do both but not do them in the same time. Also, you gotta keep low limits of actions per day.

I suggest running the Follow 8 hours and the Unfollow tool 8 hours, and rest the account 8 hours.

I run both together, just get temp pass change once in a while

Having a low action per day and just run the follow and unfollow simultaneously, will greatly help in avoiding these TLs on your accounts.

I don’t recommend doing that. You might run into problems in the future. Just run one tool for hours then the other tool again.

Follow 100 actions on 8 hours for each tool are not too much?

Actually im testing the follow/unfollow tools running together without “hours separation”, 100 actions day (and less) each. Till now any issues…also i think its more “natural” follow and unfollow at the same time as separate them by days of hours.