Beaware of OGLibra - Scammer

Be careful of this user. I paid him for manual engagement on 6 of my accounts just to test him out.
He didn’t do one thing and kept making excuses. After 1 week of no work done I requested my money back. He then changed all the details of the accounts and deleted all their posts.
Not sure if his forum has a shitlist but this one should be on it.

@OGLibra you fucked up?

You’ll have to show some proof aswell if you’re about to shitlist someone.

These messages are a week after no work done.
Also I should mentioned that he got all accounts blocked with compromised message before hacking them.


(Also please check @Jetpy2 that was banned and registered another account to elude the ban)


Also I should mentioned that I have hundreds of accounts in total.
I shared only 6 to test him out. He kept requesting that I share all of them and I could pay him later.
From these 6, all of them got hacked.

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If this turns out true on top of the fact that he ‘unknowningly’ made a sales thread in lvl1 knowing there would be lots of desperate vulnerable rookies hoping for some good automation finallay, i’d assume he will get a ban… Disappointing to see

I am sorry that this situation took place.

Let me know, I will try help you with restore these accounts, also let`s talk about 94 rest clients.

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“One mans death is the next ones pleasure” :joy:


is those accounts for test or clients account ?

This is a really cut throat forum :joy:

At times yes! I feel like the harder it got the less likely people will share their solutions once they found it. But yeah sometimes it’s pretty blunt :sweat_smile:

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Woah, stole your accounts and deleted the posts?? That’s fucked up.

3 accounts were mine and 3 from clients. Can someone send me a link of that form where you could contact Instagram for identity verification? Where they request a photo of you holding a code.
Also is there any way to get the deleted photos back?

I doubt you can get the deleted photos back.

@OGLibra you really delete the clients photos?! There’s so many clients out there for all of us, we don’t need to do this to each other. Come on.


Good luck Buddy, you should get it back :slight_smile:

Thank you very much!

That being said giving out credentials to an unknown person even CLIENT?! accounts is also majorly fucked up. Why arent people more cautious anyways? First thing i would always check first of all is the cred they have on this board. If they dont have received at least 250 likes or more i wouldnt even bother talking to him/her. Not meant to disrespect the OP. I’m feeling sorry for your clients who tursted you with this task however.

By yeah if it’s true OGLibra should get banned from this. If you cant deliver just be open about it and stop the service. Dont be greedy for some extra money…


Shoot me a DM, i will help you to recover your client accounts.

Watching the vultures appear :joy::popcorn: