Been A Month Since The Block Wave. Still 6000 A Month?

As it’s been a month since all the main block wave happened, I was wondering if anyone had any new feedback on the follow limits. Are we still convinced of the 6000 follows per 30 day limit?

I’ve seen a few people saying they are following 300 a day so would be interesting to see if people doing over 6000 a month are about to hit issues.

I’ve kept under the 6000 myself and had no issues so far.


I’ve tried to push this limit days ago with my own acc, when I achieved around 6.2k I got blocked again.

My most aggressive acc is at 8387 follows for the past 30 days but not sure how much I can keep it pushing


And I assume once the average was under 6000/30 you were unblocked?

Each account has it’s limits which in part is based on their trust score (and many other factors). Some can go well over this threshold well other fall just below. As of now I’m pushing up to a little over 300 follows a day on a couple aged accounts. I’m implement a 5/5 strategy and am going to push my story view numbers higher during the unfollow days.


How long did the block last? Was it a definite block or just one within Jarvee?

Keep in mind that .net and .com are two separate entities. People keep on confusing them.

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which one is the scam? Should I be changing my password if I have used them?

I dont think you can get away nowadays with millions of story viewing. It is obvously not human like.

I am sorry, I am a new person, 6000/30 means 6000 follow limit per 30 days? or 6000 (follow+like) limit per 30 days?

Sorry, English is not my native language.

Keeping within 6k. have accounts around 5.5k to 6.5k hovering fine but not pushing anymore.

I did hear people who are averaging 10k/ 3months but yet to see any evidence.

Are you doing 6k with EB or API?

6k API exclusively with 4g proxies

You getting hit with any account compromised messages?

“6k” is [follow] or [follow+like]?

Follow. Follow + Like I think double