Been awhile. Tips on multiple Facebook accounts?

Hey, not sure if anyone here remembers me. Left for a bit, been more active lately again. Hope everyone has been well. I see some (but few) faces around from the old days still :smiley:

Hope everyone has been well all things considered.

I’m messing with Facebook a bit and have a question:

My home IP is absolutely garbage as far as FB flags go, straight toasted from multiple ad account bans.

My issue now is I created a FB group on a profile that had a banned ad account and now I can’t advertise the FB Page/Group.

I want to buy an aged FB account to manage the Page/Group on in order to get advertising privileges.

What’s the safest way for me to go about acquiring and logging into that account?

Current plan:

  1. Buy FB acc. from a seller here on the market place. I’m thinking non PVA and get my own sim?

  2. Use a different chrome profile with BP Proxy Switcher and a high quality proxy like a residential. Clear cookies on proxy change.

I couldn’t find any super up to date recommendations on this so any tips would be appreciated.

P.S…, should I re-create the FB page and group since I created them on an account that had a banned ad account on a bad IP?

Your PS part is the first thing that should be done because that page and group are already related to that banned account, what I think you should do is buy an aged/good account then use good proxies residential would be nice with rotation then recreate the page/group.

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Antidetect browsers like Multilogin, AdsPower, Kameleo, etc may work well for you. You can use residential proxies in them to avoid browser fingerprinting.

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