Been loosing followers pretty consistently for about 4 years

numbers just started falling really slowly after i stopped using jarvee, i made the decision to stop bothering with it when i realized i cared too much about my page and it wasnt making me any happier. i did make valuable connections and friends that i am still in contact with today though and i couldnt have done it without automating, its just, i heard its been getting harder to dodge bans? is this true? could i make it back in the black hat or is there another way to start gaining followers again for the first time in years?

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Black / Grey hat = easier (cheaper) ways to grow your account than usual strategies. Now, will it be worth it (time / money investment) ? Only you can know the answer

Yeah 2020 made it harder to recover from bans

Depends how you want to grow. F/uf is more riskier while mother/slave is less risky but far more technical

I still use follow unfollow method to automate all my clients accounts. Gaining ave 700 to 1.2K followers per month.

This strategy should still work with safe settings.

F/U is still usable but with caution not like the old days as you know you will need scapers and API limits, M/S is a good way as well, you can test with other accounts for starter until you see how it goes even tho the results won’t be the same as using an old account.