Before or after warm up link in bio? and what limits are possible?


i am trying to automate like 30 child accounts for driving traffic on a onlyfans link. So therefore I put different linktree links in the bio.

The child accounts are not made by me, I just buy good ones (at least I hope they are good :D)

so now I would love to hear some advice (already struggled a couple of months and burned some accounts but I am looking optimistic forward :D)

do you think I should change the bio/profile pic and put the link in the bio before starting the warm up process? like 1 day after the accounts are resting on the automation software? or should I change these things after the warm up process?

same thing for image posting: before or after warm up?

the accounts I buy already have like 3-5 pictures and these I also have to delete, but before or after warm up? :smiley:

and many people post with self-made accounts 8 pictures before warming but. since I am buying accounts I guess I already figured out 8 pictures are too much for my accounts ^^

and for example I also had in the beginning set up for child accounts to only use embedded browser until I figured out that I can’t post carousels this way. so I removed the tick, but I but the tick to use embedded browser for everything else like commenting, following, etc. I guess that should be fine? or is it still bad?

and mostly I read settings like this are safe for warmed accounts:

follow 100/day
likes 100/day
storyviews 100/day
unfollow 110/day

is this still correct or is it possible to maximize that? Because I read for example that some dude does 180 likes per day. but he also said that he don’t does unfollows, he blocks instead so he can make these 180 likes a day.

He didn’t mentioned if he is running also other actions like follows a day, so I am not sure, if I could do like 180 likes and 100 follows a day without issues?

and for example with my settings my child accounts also likes the posts of the people it follows. would it make sense to not like pictures of the same people the Childs follows to have more different users reached? or would that be a huge flag for instagram algorithm that I use automation?