Hey guys I’m looking to get into boxing as I had a lot of fun sparring with one of my friends for the first time the other day. I mainly want to mix it into my workout routine as a form of cardio. Any advice? What kind of gloves should i get, exercises i should start with, etc. Feel free to link anything that could help!


Gloves are based on your weight. Heavier you are, heavier the glove should be for training. I’m 250lbs and use 16 ounce gloves, but 18 would probably be better.

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I’m 190lb 6 foot. What would you recommend I saw these and tried them on the other day and they felt good.

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I have the same gloves but in black. I would recommend 16 ounces for you.

Hello mate! Great to see fellow boxing enthusiasts here! :fire:

I advice you to train shadowboxing before you get to bag punching. So you get your technique right. (Shadowboxing is punching an invisible opponent while you look yourself in a mirror so you can see your hand movement and leg movement).

My usual 1h training of boxing looked like this:

-Stretching for around 15min (before start)
-4x 3mins of shadowboxing (first round just direct hits, second round uppercuts, third round hooks, fourth round combinations of all punches and technique for example: left direct, right uppercut, step back, left hook)

-Then we got 7 sets of doing shadowboxing combinations on opponent(could be boxing other hands or with blocks)

The rest of time was punching a bag and muscle workouts.

You need to keep in mind im European. USA, Asia and South America has very different styles and practices for boxing against Europe. Europeans tend to do more on boxing technique, quick feet work and efficient punches. Whils USA trains theirs for raw strenght and endurance for first 3-5rounds where they expect to knock opponent down. South America is known by their never give up mentality, no “real” technique but they fight to the last breath…

If you want more details you can always pm me! :pray: Hope i did something well for you


Trained boxing and muay thai, both great sports, if you want to mix it with legs, elbows knees, then go with MT, I first learned boxing, because it’s really important to perfect hands skills, then combine it with everything else


Do Muay thai, like @zole says, it’s more complete. Also get a trainer , dont follow some random text instructions, you need to learn to shoot punches without telegraphing them and punch with your waist, etc.

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Agree, get a trainer first, at least in the beginning, you need to learn basic moves from someone who has experience and knows what are they doing. One of my friends did boxing on it’s own for the first 8 months, some of the things he teached himself were wrong and it took him like a 4-6 months to correct them, he was doing it wrong and later it’s hard to correct, first months of training and teaching basic stuff are the most important. Later when you get some knowledge and gain some experience you can start with boxing bag, shadow boxing and etc.

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For me the best martial art I’ve practiced is Krav Maga.

Unlike others, the end goal is not to win a contest in a ring, but to be able to neutralise an attacker and escape in real life situation.
No gloves needed! :grin: