Beginner's Question! Please Help :)

Hi. I’m just getting started with Facebook Group Posting.

I’m looking for some help.

  1. Where do you buy accounts from?

  2. How do you phone verify them? (If using service, please mention)

  3. Which proxies provider are you using?

  4. What are the current ways to monetize?


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1&3 : As far as I know a lot of people around here use @HenryCooper for proxies and accounts.
2: I use (not affiliated in any way)
4: Ecommerce, renting them out, shoutouts, CPA and many others.


These proxies work only for IG, not for other networks.

Why? Do their access restricted to IG?

Yes, only IG.

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Adnan, I am noticing that my posts are getting deleted. Could you PM me what’s wrong?