Being an Actor is a Business too, why the Verification hate?

A lot of people can call themselves an actor, and a lot of people can call themselves a small business owner. I believe there was a post in here about a shoe store with 500 followers that is verified.
Well what if you have half a dozen National and International commercials, have appeared on the cover of an equal number of magazines, and a few articles. I’d say you are a legit business yourself. You have been seen by hundreds of millions of people. You even have a wikipedia, a website, a verified facebook, etc. But instagram refuses to verify you. Why the discrimination?

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They don’t discriminate if you apply through IG if you have the necessary credentials you’ll get verified

Most brands/companies have a rep that does verifications which gives them easier access but it’s not like Instagram is specifically discriminating on anyone

Instagram HQ after looking at all your proof (sorry just a little humor):

It’s also totally bs that you have to be newsworthy for consideration as a “verified” account. They should let anybody verify themselves as who they claim to be, with physical proof.

For example my ID, website, personal brand, etc prove that I am “that” person, so wouldn’t allowing this be a good way to prevent identify theft and impersonation? “Verification” really means popularity contest, and they don’t care about the actual reasons for wanting to have it done, and they never will.