Being in tier 3 country, How can we grow tier 1 Followers in Tiktok?

Hello everyone

As the title is self-explanatory. I’d like to hear from the fellows who are working on tiktok.


Set the country/region to united states of america



Will it do the job or should I use any VPN with US proxy too?

I tried but it’s not working at all


Maybe you should wait couple of days after changing and see

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I waited a week.
I even contacted customer support.

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I think you need to create an account on US ip and use it on that for a couple of minutes.

I haven’t tried this yet but I’ll try and let u know if this works.

Long answer but I’ll give you a short answer.

It’s all about Where you actually post the content from. Content is recognized and distributed locally in your geographic region for a variety of reasons.

It’s not just about IP address but quite a lot more. That being said, solutions:

  • have someone login to the account from the area in which you want your content to be shown in. Have them post in that area.

  • jailbreak a droid phone, put a VPN on it and spoof your location. It’s a bit hit or miss


Only changing country/region will not help?

Thankyou soo much you’re right.

I was also thinking for someone from US to make acc for me.

Appreciate the help.