Being untraceable/hiding identity on the internet

Hey, do we have experts here who know how to be untraceable/hide identity in the internet? I do understand that it’s not possible to be 100% untraceable and if you do some serious criminal online you will most likely be caught, but i meant just basic stuff, being untraceable/hiding your identity for the most part so its not that easy to find you.

Do we have such people in this forum who know how to do this?

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This depends on your purpose.

What do you want to achieve? I mean we all are using proxies to hide our IP addresses or some fake Email accounts when creating accounts and sending Emails, if that’s what you mean.

Are we talking about law enforcement or random people finding out your real name?

You could use DuckDuckGo browser, that will help :wink:

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Yeah, but it still depends on what he wants to achieve. If you are doing some shady and illegal stuff, they’ll find you, you can’t hide from them.

That’s true. I thought it might help him :wink:

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Thanks @coehn

Go to Library and use Tor on Tails lol

Unfortunately, nobody can hide online