Best Affiliate Networks (CPA)

Hello guys,

I just want to share my favorite affiliate networks for different purposes (Pins, Email submits, etc…) —> This one is pretty good for app installations, they pay you for every single app that your traffic installs. ----> Good for Indian CPA offer (i just tryed CPL and converts good enough) ----> Pretty good but you may have problems trying to apply without a consistent traffic method.

What are your favorite affiliate networks?



I’m with ogads and adworkmedia,maxbounty and a few others, didn’t know about number 2 though,thanks

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Good starting list, I’d also like to see some others share their favorites with pros and cons so we can compile a complete list.

I am having problem understanding the way on how should a landing page look like. I have some decent accounts on IG but never used them with ogads or any CPA. Help and tips would be appreciated :slight_smile: .

I’m a big fan of Adworkmedia, working with them for about 4 years. Never had any issues. Highly recommended :slight_smile:


one more Peerfly.

Most of the time email submits were followed by surveys for them to be considered as valid leads .

did anyone work with networks those allow just email submits ( no complex surveys blah blah )

what is average CTR ?

I personally work with the two big dogs: peerfly , maxbounty
my main is maxbounty . i work a lot with bing traffic with.
they have a lot of email submit/zip submit to choose from

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