Best affordable VPS for Jarvee?

What is a good VPS for Jarvee currently? My laptop is getting super hot from running it with a ton of accounts 24/7, would like to finally move over to a virtual option that isn’t going to break the bank.

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If you haven’t already, you could start with the FREE VPS option Jarvee recommends.

It doesn’t break the bank, and gets you in the proper mindset to get things in the cloud for your biz.

Other than this, there are a few other recommendations in the forums you can search.

Personally, I started with the free one and moved to greencloudvps.

The free 1year AWS should be fine for less than 10 accounts. But if you want cheap vps, try contabo

Greencloud VPS should be good, you can check the section Windows optimized - Jarvee optimized section.

Well, there are plenty of valuble inputs going on.
But, sharing my own experience.

Go for a Hetzner dedicatedn srver, instead of a VPS.
Buy a server from their server auction and Install Windows there.
Jarvee will run as smmoth as butter :smiley:
Purchased a server a couple of years back and still using it.